What does kW mean?

kW – kilowatt is a unit of energy. 1 kilowatt = 1000 watts. When we see an el. shower with 9.5 kW – it means it is able to produce 9500 watts of energy and that energy is transformed into heat which heats water. More kW means more power. 10,5 kW shower will be able to […]

The Right Fuse for Your Electrical Shower

An electrical fuse is a safety device that cuts-off the flow of electrical current in a circuit when it is extremely high. Most of our electrical appliances have a fuse for safety purposes. When the electrical current in a circuit is exceedingly high, the fuse blows off to cut the wire inside it to stop […]

Electric Shower: Cleaning Basics and Maintenance

An electric shower gives us the convenience of showering with constant warm water in an instant. But just like any other home appliance that we have, we can also run into problems with our electric shower. You don’t need to be an appliance specialist to maintain your own electric shower and do some basic troubleshooting […]

Triton Perea 9.5kW – White/Brushed Steel Effect

Perfect Water Temperatures at a Push of a Button Taking a shower just got better with the Triton Perea 9.5kW Electric Shower. This electric shower comes in a sleek modern design with a white/brushed steel effect. The Perea Sleek Look You might be surprised to find that this shower does not have a pre-set water […]

Triton Collection II 9.5 kW Gun Metal Effect Review

A Sleek Shower with Amazing Features When you first see the Triton Collection II 9.5 kW Electric Shower – Gun Metal Effect, you could mistake it for a metal safe mounted on a bathroom wall. That’s what it looks like from afar. Up close, this single rotating control in the middle of the electric shower […]

Triton Forte 9.5kW Review

Triton Forte: The Eco Friendly Electric Shower No nonsense is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the Triton Forte 9.5kW Electric Shower for the first time. With its simple design and easy to handle controls, it’s a shower that’s made to give you great showers every day. The Design Looking at […]

Triton Aspirante Review

Add a little gloss and shine to anything and you get a sleek and polished looking product. Triton probably had the same idea when they glossed up the Triton ASPIRANTE.  This 9.5kw slim line electric shower unit boasts of sophisticated design and superb power. It can heat and cool water in an instant. The Electric […]

Triton Seville 8.5kW Review

The Triton Seville 8.5kW electric shower is a simple shower system that can fit any bathroom style and home. It features controls that are easy to use and parts that can be conveniently put together and installed.  It is also simple enough to maintain to keep it functioning properly.  This review will tell you what […]

Electric shower head heater

Electric shower head heater is a very clever way in which you can save on electricity without giving up a hot shower at all.  This invention is contributing to the ‘going green’ effort globally and provide many households with a power saving alternative. It allows you to still access hot water to shower whenever you […]

What types of shower heads do we know?

Taking a shower the first thing in the morning is maybe the only thing that will wake me up!  In my entire life I only had for about 5 years that my house did not have a shower.  And I can remember almost every day of those 5 years without it!  For those 5 years […]