Best Electric Shower for 2016

electric showerElectric shower is an essential appliance for everybody who is or who wants to be independent on communal heating systems. What is it? It’s a classic shower paired with efficient flow water heating system. Electric shower heats the water on-the-go and only when needed, while common water heating systems inefficiently preheat large amounts of water.

Best electric showers for 2016:

Triton Seville 10.5kW

Best electric shower

One of the best electric showers available and for an extremely pleasant price! Amazing power of 10,5 kW guarantees that it’s capable of heating fast flow of water. Whole kit weighs only 2.8 kg. For maximum flexibility, this shower offers 5 water and electric cable entry points. You will be able to mount the heater in every position in your bathroom. This product also features 3 power settings:

  • high power setting
  • economy setting
  • cold setting

Economy setting is suitable for summer use, when the input water is not as cold. Shower head has 5 different positions for 5 spray effects.


Box Contains

  • El. shower
  • Chrome hose
  • Shower head
  • Riser rail kit including brackets
  • Soap dish
  • Installation instructions
  • Warranty registration card

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Triton Kito 10.5kW

Triton KitoVery nice looking and very powerful shower with stunning all chrome finish. It features a limescale resistant shutdown which prolongs life of the shower. There are 3 power settings from which you can choose:

  • High setting
  • Economy setting
  • Cold setting

Shower head features 5 different spray effects for the best showering experience.

Box Contains

  • El. shower
  • Chrome Hose
  • Shower head
  • Riser rail kit including brackets
  • Soap dish
  • Installation instructions
  • Warranty registration card

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Triton T80z Fast Fit 9.5kW

Triton T80zHigh quality Triton electric shower with power of 9.5kW featuring flexible electric and water connections to be easily fit in any place.

This shower is designed to cover all footprints by previous electric shower, so no untilled areas will be visible and no additional work needed.
Shower head features 5 different spray type options.








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When looking for the best electric shower, we expect it to be reliable, safe and energy-saving. It has to heat the water up on its way to the shower head from your water supply. Perfect thing about this is that it only heats up the water you actually need! This means it’s pretty efficient. Heating water on the go means the heater has to work with big electrical currents and has to be really powerful (More than 7,5 kW usually).

Energy-saving doesn’t mean it should be under-powered. It means it has to be efficient. If the heating system hasn’t got enough power, it won’t be able to heat it up the fast flowing water. And who would like to shower under a very slow stream of water? High power is important for electric showers to work properly and being able to heat water to pleasant temperature at a comfortable flow rate. Showers with their own flow heater are independent from all your heating systems, so even if they fail, you can still have a warm shower!

Electric Showers are Awesome

As kids, you see the shower as a form of punishment or a chore. But as you get older, there’s this joke saying that the place where you make important life decisions is in the shower. Taking showers is done more than for the hygienic aspect. It also helps the body to relax and relieve stress and relax your muscles. Other than the toilet, the shower is one of the most crucial places in one’s bathroom.

Although showers are essential for all households, would you know that there are different types of showers? There is variety of shower types to choose from, but the most ideal, suitable for every lifestyle is electric shower.

The difference of this kind of shower from the others is that is heats cold water without using a boiler – it uses a built in flow heater instead. It’s kind of like how a kettle works where the water will pass through a heating element once the shower is turned on. The water will be heated electrically by a device located in the shower head. It does not use up any stored hot water since it automatically heats the water passing through it. Electric showers can be connected directly to the water supply instead of the hot water storage. The water passing through it is heated immediately before spraying it out of the spout.

The electric shower is ideal for households that have limited supplies of hot water. Instead of waiting for the supply to be replenished or postponing your well-deserved bath, this kind of shower can grant you the warm, relaxing waterfall you crave for. E-showers are ready for use 24/7.

The main advantage of this type of shower is that it never runs out of hot water simply because the water from any supply, be it cold or hot, is automatically heated in the shower itself. By the time it reaches your head, it is warm enough for that refreshing bath you have been craving for.

Electric showers have modes that control the temperature of the water. With this, you have enough control on the intensity of the heat. The water pressure is not a problem as well since showers that are electric have built in pumps that support water pressure. It’s also amazing since it can still heat water without the use of a boiler. You can have hot water any time of the day, and any day of the year.

This type of shower costs less than typical models. You can save up on energy bills since electric showers do not use up much power. It also uses less amount of electricity than an electric water heater.

In the United States, electric showers are not very common. These showers are more known in colder countries such as the United Kingdom. Third world nations make use of electric showers as well because of its practicality. These are best used in places with low water supply. In addition, electric showers are additional sources of heat for people living in cold climates.

To get the advantages of electric showers, it is important to know how to use them properly. The first thing to turn on is the electrical circuit. This is done before activating the water supply. Once on, it is safe to enter the shower area. Adjust the water setting to avoid freezing or burning. Let a small stream run down from the spout to test the temperature. The modes can be re-adjusted, as long as you turn off the shower first. Once you hear a buzzing sound from the shower head, it indicates that the water is being heated. The pressure of water is adjusted to complement the temperature.

Electric showers are easy to use. They can cut a significant amount from your electric bills. It is also good to have one in case the water supply has an unexpected shortage. Although it is not very common in most places, it has several advantages that make it worth having.

Low pressure in water pipes problem

Very common problem of many households. Some electric showers refuse to work under very low pressures and even if they work, showering with such a low pressure is very uncomfortable. What can be done to avoid such problems?

Dealing with pressure in your water pipes is not an easy task and might be very costly, many times unsolvable. But what you can change, is a way you treat that low pressure water! Buy a shower with a pump, which increases the water flow through the heater. No matter how low your pressure is, showering will be much more pleasant with the use of pump which increases it. Here are the best pumped electric showers.

 What does kW mean?

kW – kilowatt is a unit of energy. 1 kilowatt = 1000 watts.

When we see an el. shower with 9.5 kW – it means it is able to produce 9500 watts of energy and that energy is transformed into heat which heats water. More kW means more power. 10,5 kW shower will be able to heat bigger amount of water per unit of time than a 7,5 kW shower.

It’s the same like with many other appliances. Do you have an electric kettle? A 1000 W (or 1 kW) kettle will boil the water slower than a 2000 W (2 kW) kettle.

So what are kWh than? kWh (Kilowatt hours) is a unit of energy consumption.  It means how much kilowatts of energy does some appliance eat over a period of one hour. So an 10.5 kW el. shower will eat 10.5 kW per hour – therefore its consumption is 10.5 kWh.

Buying an electric shower with a lower power is not recommended. Heating water is a very energy consuming process. If you want to have a comfortable shower, buy a higher kW one. This doesn’t mean that it has to run at full power all the time. It can also behave as 7 kW shower, depending on your temperature setting. Better be safe than sorry.


An electric shower has to be connected to a cold water supply and electricity.
The cold water supply is usually a 15 mm pipe.
Electric supply needs to by able to deliver up to 10.5 kW of power so it needs separate fused electric circuit, this will usually need an electrician to set it up.

When upgrading your shower from an older, lower kW model, there’s a possibility that all the electrical wiring will have to be changed for a thicker wiring capable of withstanding higher electrical currents. Let professionals do the job. Electrical wiring has to be made absolutely flawlessly to avoid short-circuit and then possible fire.